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TW Stats contains tools, statistics and tracking that will enhance your TW experience. When a new world goes online, TW stats will automatically update to support that world.


To get back to your medieval village, visit the game page of the browser game Tribal Wars. For more information, check out the section of Tribal Wars on You may enjoy our other strategy games, like the free online game Grepolis which is set in ancient Greece or the online strategy game Forge of Empires where you can set your own empire by exploring new technologies.


81,395 players recorded (668 active).
4,658 tribes recorded (112 active).
158,458 villages recorded.
634,941 conquers recorded.
80,506 tribe changes recorded.

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World Tools and Stats

ZZ1 Standard
3 players, 42 tribes, 15,799 villages
ZZ2 Sandbox
320 players, 32 tribes, 139,611 villages
ZZ3 Beta 3
345 players, 38 tribes, 3,048 villages
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