Tribal Wars Stats: Sandbox: Ennoblements

Please note that the conquers displayed on this page are LIVE conquers (when a village is conquered, it will show here). This means that while they show here, they may not show up on other portions of the site for up to a hour.

VillagePointsOld OwnerNew OwnerDate/Time
Barbarian village (491|557) K544,444singi [$$$]2020-04-06 - 06:20:07
qwertzus village 2 (546|541) K554,584qwertzu silesia [4everY]2020-04-06 - 06:13:21
vitor-costas village 2 (507|435) K454,587Nikolas V [NO]Nikolas V [NO]2020-04-06 - 05:59:09
vitor-costas village 2 (507|435) K454,587vitor-costa Nikolas V [NO]2020-04-06 - 04:24:50

2020-04-06 06:21:34 CEST